Intuitive Energy Work

During my first session with Sage, I felt completely welcomed and relaxed. I was looking for a recharge and time to just relax into the energy. That is exactly what I felt, truly recharged, however what was happening while I was in the state of relaxation was nothing short of divine. Sage was able to connect to my energy and discover some of the truths of my heart. She was able to receive messages from Source, while not knowing what they might mean and pass them on to me. These were much needed, beautiful messages of confirmation. Sage has a calm, welcoming, service filled spirit. I am so delighted to have found someone that is able to connect with me and Spirit, providing more than I anticipated, certainly exceeding my expectations.” M.L.
Intuitive Energy is...
  • Conversation to understand your context
  • Psychic information specific to you
  • Hands-on therapeutic touch to connect with your body and energy
  • Reiki to move and balance your energy field
  • Tarot reading to get additional guidance
Benefits include…
  • Relaxation and self-care
  • Feeling more rooted and grounded
  • A sense of lightness and release
  • Clarity and guidance about your own direction
  • Feeling GOOD in body and spirit!
  • 60 minute session $130
  • 90 Minute Session $200
  • prices include all taxes and gratuity


“I am so grateful for your gentle nudge to book a session today. I came in feeling frayed and raw from the trauma of this year and recent losses. I left feeling a true energetic shift- calmer and as though I was rooted back in my body. I received so much more from you than I imagined I would. Thank you for your wisdom, gentle bodywork and whip smart self!” C.C.

Reiki is a healing technique in which a practitioner can channel energy for a client by means of touch and movement to activate the natural healing processes in the body to restore balance and well-being.

  • 30 minute session $65
  • 60 Minute Session $130
  • prices include all taxes and gratuity

Tarot Readings

“I enjoyed the reading you did for me recently. You listened to me and understood my situation. The whole vibe was down to earth and insightful. I felt empowered to act on a decision and as a result everything is falling into place. Thanks, Sage.” M.W.

Tarot readings for guidance and insight are also available as a stand alone offering. Tarot is an ancient set of symbols that we can use to bring insight and guidance to our lives. Tarot works best when you have a specific question or area of focus. The readings act like a mirror, to confirm or bring clarity to your current situation.

  • 30 minute session $65
  • 60 Minute Session $130
  • prices include all taxes and gratuity


“My experience as Sage’s yoga student was about spirit, mind and body. It was key for me as I began a journey of recovering my life at 54. Sage’s kind nature, capacity to teach yoga with expert understanding of anatomy, and knowledge of the spiritual practice facilitated my recovery. I observed that Sage helped many other people along their life’s journey. I’m honored that the universe connected us and will be forever grateful for the knowledge she bestowed upon me. Thank you, Sage!” A.K.

Yoga Class

Private Sessions

Yoga is one of my first loves. I have taught Vinyasa Flow yoga for over 10 years, from beginners to advanced practitioners. I have worked with clients with physical limitations, as well as experienced yogis wanting to deepen their practice. One-on-one private yoga allows you to get instruction personalized to your needs and abilities.

  • 60 minute session $110
  • 80 Minute Session $140

Semi-private Group Sessions

Looking for semi-private group yoga with friends or to celebrate a special occasion? I offer the same personalized approach to you and your friends. The price is the same as one-on-one yoga instruction with an additional $20 per additional person.


60 minute session

  • Groups of up to 4 people $170
  • Groups of up to 8 people $250

80 minute session

  • Groups of up to 4 people $200
  • Groups of up to 8 people $280

Community Group Yoga

Do you prefer the camaraderie of group yoga? Are you wanting to reconnect with community in a safe space? Periodic group yoga classes with 6-8 students for sessions of 4 weeks or more will be offered in RISE’s Studio Be. Additional Summer Yoga Offerings are in the works! Please check the website or contact Sage, if you would like more information.

  • 4 weeks/8 classes $120
  • 5 weeks/10 classes $150
  • Drop-ins with prior approval from Sage, $20 per class

Contact Sage for details


Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

My history as a Midwife, Mother and Yoga Teacher come together in personalized Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training. Using the GLOW Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training curriculum approved and accredited by Yoga Alliance, you will receive 85 hours of course work, including 15 hours of in-person instruction. At the end of the training you will be eligible to register as a Yoga Alliance Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher. This training can be customized for individual enrollment at a pace that works with your personal schedule.



  • $500 non-refundable deposit secures your enrollment with access to the PDF training manual
  • $1,000 due at the first in-person session

Contact Sage for details


Distance Options

The last few years has made all in-person interactions more challenging. The beauty of Reiki and Tarot is that both of them can be done at a distance. Just like making a phone call across the country, the ability to direct the healing energy of Reiki can be done regardless of physical distance. Likewise, a Tarot reading can be done via phone or FaceTime. If you need some energetic guidance and healing, but are not ready or able to come in person please reach out to Sage.